Thursday, November 16, 2006

Gifts for Christmas with Christian Aid

Roughly this time last year we posted up a link to the Christian Aid gift catalogue, prompting people to buy presents and help improve lives at the same time.

This year we are continuing with that idea, so here is our second link to the online Christian Aid Christmas Selection 2006 - the first was posted up back in August! - and here's hoping you are all able to choose some gift from their catalogue, however small, knowing that each sale will help the charity.

The sort of gifts you can expect to find in their selection this year are varied, including wines from around the world, giftwrap, Christian-themed cards and calendars, foodstuffs, Traidcraft coffee and biscuits, and some charming ornaments, many of them handcrafted, such as a tiny Copper Church from Peru and a Balinese Batik container in split bamboo.

Please watch this space for details of the forthcoming Carol Service at St. Mark's.

Merry Christmas!