Sunday, November 20, 2005

longing for summer days?

With the recent cold snap, it seems an awfully long time since the warm days of summer. So to cheer us all up, here are a couple of photographs from August 2005, looking back at our Summer School.

Every year the parishes of Flecknoe and Birdingbury get together to organise a Summer School for local children, held over three days in Flecknoe Village Hall, with fun and educational activities for a wide range of age groups. These include drawing, painting, playing, cooking, singing, a special presentation for parents and a day trip out of the parish. The Summer School's theme this year was Joseph and the Technicoloured Dream Coat. The children learnt songs, baked and decorated technicoloured cookies, painted backdrops and made special 'spoon' puppets for the show. On the last day, parents came to see a puppet show of the well-known bible story, performed by the children themselves.

Following the theme of forgiveness and reconciliation conveyed by Joseph's story, our day trip this year was to Coventry Cathedral. The weather was sunny, as these photographs show, and both helpers and children had a wonderful day out. Here they are together, posing on the steps of Coventry Cathedral, next to Sir Jacob Epstein's magnificent wall-mounted figures - just out of sight here - of St Michael defeating the Devil.

Here's another shot of the children near the altar cross in the ruins of the old Cathedral; behind it, you can just see the words Father Forgive.

Thanks to everyone who helped out at the Summer School this year, and to all the kids who joined us for those three busy days. We hope to see you all again next summer!

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