Monday, February 13, 2006

Bishops Colin and John come to Rugby

Bishops' 'Vision and Values' Evening

Please note, for anyone hoping to attend the Bishops' 'Vision and Values' evening in Rugby Deanery on Sunday 19 March, the event is not to be held at St Mark's Church, Bilton, as previously advertised, but at St George's (just off the Hillmorton Road in Rugby).

The Bishops' visit to Rugby Deanery is open to all members of the church who might wish to listen to Colin and John, the Bishops respectively of Coventry and Warwick, as they focus 'on the nature of the God revealed in Jesus Christ and the kind of church that we are called to be', inviting the whole Coventry diocese to 'rediscover the priority of prayer and worship'.

If you do wish to attend, the evening will run from 6.00 to 9.00 pm. The Bishops' visit would be of particular interest to anyone in Rugby Deanery who is closely involved with the church, such as Readers and members of local PCCs or other church groups, as well as churchwardens and clergy.

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