Saturday, June 24, 2006

The Survival of the Church: an interview with Linda Woodhead

From the Coventry Diocese monthly digest of interesting Church-related reports, this fascinating article seems to fit our recent discussions on why so many people are choosing not to go to church these days.

Holistic spirit: The Tablet Interview, with Linda Woodhead

One of Britain’s leading sociologists of religion, Linda Woodhead, tells Theo Hobson of the vital choices the Church must make to survive:

“I’d say: whose common good is it that you’re talking about, and why do people leaving the Churches, and perhaps getting involved in the holistic milieu, not feel that it’s their common good? Perhaps your common good is actually quite a narrow common good; and there’s a big group of people, mostly women, for whom it hasn’t been very good, and you have to understand why they are going elsewhere for the spiritual, which they’re still deeply engaged with. There’s a big gender element: I think the Church needs to be much more aware about the message it has given women about being selfless, and think hard about why many women feel that’s an unfair burden that’s been placed on them.”

Linda Woodhead in the Tablet (10/06/2006) discussing the emphasis currently placed by Christians on the 'common good'.

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