Thursday, July 13, 2006

Annual Spring Teas in June

Sunday June 11th 2006 at St Mark's Church, Flecknoe

Our annual Spring Teas event in June went very well this year, providing another chance to raise money for the church and bring our small village community together.

It was a warm and sunny afternoon, right in the middle of this very unBritish heatwave we've been enjoying for some weeks now, and the delicious refreshments provided by members of our PCC (below) were much appreciated.

Once again the PCC would like to thank everyone who attended this successful afternoon at St. Mark's - the popularity of the event is not reflected by these photos, as our photographer forgot to take more once the event got into full swing! - and, of course, those who provided the excellent cream teas that you can see above.


Anna said...

I really like your parish Blog - an excellent idea and very effective. It would be good for more parishes to use Blogs in this way.

Derek Gill said...

Have just found your blog, great idea. Although I do not quite understand it I have placed some details on a site under Stickney Group. We as a group of five churches are without a priest and will be for the foreseeable future, that is because our deanery cannot afford the four we have now. Yours, Derek Gill, Hon treasurer St. Luke's Stickney.

Flecknoe PCC said...

Many thanks Anna and Derek, it's good to have such positive feedback!

Derek, I particularly hope your group of churches finds a way to adapt and hopefully even thrive in the difficult position you now find yourselves in - which so many churches are finding themselves in these days. Our own benefice has been extremely lucky, as you may have seen from the website recently, since we have a new vicar, the Reverend Jane Close, coming to us next month. That move, however, was something we have fought hard for over the past nine months ...

Wishing you both all the best, in Christ,

Jane Haynes
(on behalf of Flecknoe PCC)