Saturday, October 14, 2006

Harvest Festival 2006

Members of the PCC serving multiple Shepherds Pies, followed by puddings made with local produce such as damsons & apples

St Mark's Church Harvest Festival 2006

Our annual Harvest Festival was held on Sunday 24th September 2006, with that date marking a return to fortnightly services at St. Mark's.

As always the Harvest Festival was a splendid village event and much enjoyed by all who participated, both at the service and the traditional harvest supper.

The service in St Mark's Church at 6pm was the first opportunity for us to welcome our new vicar, Jane Close, pictured here at the supper afterwards; she preached to us very appropriately about new beginnings.

The harvest supper itself followed at 7pm. Our village hall was filled to capacity and all who came enjoyed an excellent meal of shepherds pie followed by a variety of puddings made by villagers using local produce, damsons and apples.

David Thomas added humour to the evening as he sold off the donated harvest produce.

Each year the money raised by our auction of produce goes to a good cause, sometimes overseas, sometimes closer to home. This year, £177.50 was raised for local charity, Rugby Myton Hospice.

Many thanks to everyone who took part with such generosity and we hope to see you all again soon!

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