Thursday, May 18, 2006

Christian Aid Week - please do give GENEROUSLY!

It's that time of the year again when you get the little red and white envelopes through your letter box and later someone should come round to collect them from you, hopefully filled with cash etc. But although it's only one week out of the year when Christian Aid is visible on your doorstep, the work of Christian Aid goes on 365 days of the year, year in, year out.

Christian Aid helps the world's poorest communities grow their own way out of poverty. Their motto for this Christian Aid Week: You add. We multiply. And you can see for yourself, with their 'multiplier machine' how Christian Aid uses your donations to invest in things that grow to help communities for years to come.

Visit Christian Aid online to see how your money is helping people in need around the world, by clicking Christian Aid.

Your donations can go a long way:

£7 / €10
pays the monthly salary of a teacher in Bangladesh

£19 / €28
can buy a sheep in Bolivia

£57 / €82
can buy a hive and train a beekeeper in the DR Congo

And, of course, much much more! So please do give generously this Christian Aid week ... or all year round, if you like, by visiting their site (link above) and seeing how your continuing donations can help.

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